Student Highlights

Each month, New City puts out a newsletter showcasing the exciting happenings around school. Check out the 2017-18 newsletters below: 

Meet Sam Nolat, New City's reading room spokesman! Mr. Nolat shares tidbits about reading in real life. In the November 2017 installment, Mr. Nolat gives tips for reading at home. Enjoy! 

Uploaded by New City Christian School on 2017-11-28.

Each year, our 4th & 5th grade students visit ProComm Studios in Fletcher.  They meet people who perform the voice work for commercials ("voice talent"), sound engineers, and have the chance record a commercial.  Here are two of the commercials they've recorded: 

New City Alumnus, Isabel Inman, wrote 2 short essays reflecting on her years at New City. Click on the titles below to read the essays:                        

Parking Lot Play                                                                                                                                                      Behind Beloved Bricks