Partnership Program

If you have reached this page, you probably already know something about New City and our Partnership Program.  If you are not aware of the program, please read this brochure and contact Ruth Vann, our Partnership coordinator, at 828-989-1591 or email Ruth for more information.

What is the Partnership Program and how does it help New City?

New City Partners are individuals who have committed to helping us keep New City a sustainable presence in the Asheville community by making a monthly financial gift to the school.  The school is greatly benefitted by having this core group of committed monthly supporters.  New City is in the unique position of being a private school for families who could ordinarily never consider private education as an option for their child.  Tuition is required for the families of all of our students, but tuition covers only about 10% of our operating budget.  The Partnership Program helps ensure the school’s predictable support, month by month.  Since true partnership is a two-way street, our Partners also receive unique benefits and opportunities as valued participants in the New City community.  

What are the Benefits to Partners?

The Partnership Program creates a structure for a closer relationship between folks who support the school financially and the New City community.  There are several benefits unique to our Partners.  First of all, twice a year, Partners are invited to join a classroom for a “Welcome Partner!” event.  The students will be given the spotlight to showcase what they have been learning, or perhaps engage in a learning activity along with visiting Partners.  Partners may also be asked to share something about their vocation, hobbies, or skills. Secondly, Partners receive special updates twice a year, once from a teacher, and once from a student, each giving an inside look at current New City events.  Another unique benefit is the opportunity to share a photo and/or words of encouragement and support for the students and staff.  These will be displayed at the school on our “Thank You!” bulletin board, so that as our students and teachers walk the halls they are regularly reminded of the many people beyond the walls of the school who are committed to their success month after month.  Finally, each spring Partners are invited to our annual “Thank You!” event, where students have the opportunity to share some of what they have learned that year with our supporting community.

Are Partners matched up with a sponsored child?

No.  Our program has a broader focus, so the school as a whole entity is the partner.  We believe this model allows for greater expression of a partnership that goes both ways, with each partner both giving and receiving.  We want our students to recognize the many ways they are able to give back to our Partners.

Is there a minimum level of monthly giving required?

Partners can give according to their own ability and desire.  Here are some helpful reference points: $15/month will cover the curriculum for a student for a full school year, $35/month will fully fund a day of school for one student each month, $100/month will provide approximately 1/5th of a full scholarship for one student.  A full scholarship is currently valued at $6500 per year.  Using our online giving option requires a minimum gift of $10/month.

How do I get started?

Become a New City Partner in two easy steps!  

  1. Contact Ruth Vann, the Partner coordinator at 828-989-1591 or email to learn more or to sign up.
  2. Set up your monthly Partner gift.  For online giving go here and fill out your information in our secure payment portal.